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Tiny Tigers PTA- Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to "join" or "become a member of" Tiny Tigers PTA?

   To join Tiny Tigers PTA means you are paying to be a member of the organization for the school year. Being a member of the organization allows you to vote on PTA agenda like:

- events and fundraisers to be held for the year.

- changes made to rules that decide how much dues will cost or how procedures are carried out. 

- who will be on the PTA board the following year. 

As a member it is your right to know what is said at meetings you may have missed, and what is being done with the organization's funds (available through budget and financial report to members). You also become eligible for prizes through local PTA and discounts through state and national PTA, just for being a member. 


How much does it cost to become a member of Tiny Tigers PTA? Why do you charge, and where does that money go?

Membership costs $5.00 and covers you as a member from July 1st (or the date you join) to June 30th of the following year. National PTA and Texas PTA each charge your local PTA $2.25 per member each year. Tiny Tigers PTA only keeps 50 cents per membership which helps us purchase materials to begin putting on events and fundraisers at the beginning of the year until more funds are raised and we are able to donate to the school for programs, resources, and materials that benefit our students. The funds paid to state and national PTA are used to fund programs, campaigns, and legislature advocating efforts that benefit all local PTA's and their school communities.


Why does our school need a PTA?

PTA opens up networks of communication and support for the entire community- students, families, and faculty. Through PTA families are given opportunities to learn and become involved. They are able to speak to other parents or to teachers and faculty about problems they or their children may be facing. Teachers and staff see that they have the support of the community around them, and become more inspired to make a difference in students lives. And let's face it- our children spend a lot of time at school, PTA is a great way to make sure they are in the best environment possible and that we know what is going on while they are there. It also places an extra network of concerned, responsible adults in the lives of students who may otherwise not have much example of that. It allows businesses and other organizations in the community a way to show their support, when they may not otherwise be sure how to. PTA is a valuable organization that can benefit any school community, including ours. 


Do I have to volunteer if I am a member?

I want to volunteer, do I have to be a member?

The answer to both questions- No. While we would love for everyone to join PTA (I mean, why wouldn't you?!) we never turn down someone who wants to show their support and would love to have you as a volunteer...likewise, while we wish everyone wanted to volunteer we understand that many people are not able to for a variety of reasons and it is absolutely not required, you can show your support either way- or both!

How can I volunteer?

PTA will offer sign up sheets on campus and post on all of our online media outlets when there is an upcoming event with volunteer opportunities. If you want to volunteer and are not a PTA member, please send us your contact info at [email protected] or contact us directly so we can remind you close to the date you are volunteering. 

Have more questions? Contact us anytime at: [email protected]

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