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Tiny Tigers PTA- Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Tiny Tigers PTA?

Tiny Tigers PTA serves Floresville South Elementary, part of the Floresville Independent School District located in Floresville, Texas. We look forward to an exciting year! Go Tigers! Go Jaguars!


What is the Tiny Tigers PTA?

The PTA supports each of its constituencies:

  • Parents with valuable information, informative programs, and the ability to become involved.
  • Teachers with the ability to connect with parents in a way that will benefit their school and in turn their classrooms.
  • Students with the full support of a collaborative community that supports their education and well-being.


Why have a Tiny Tigers PTA?

Teachers and administrators strive to provide a learning experience and growing environment for our children, but they cannot do it alone. PTA provides the chance to be a crafter of the plan rather than simply benefit from it. Join the PTA today!


Tiny Tigers PTA Membership

What can I get from being a member of Tiny Tigers PTA?

This Parent Teacher Association, like all PTAs, is built and driven by its members. Through your membership in the Tiny Tigers PTA you can be part of the largest child advocacy group around, supporting the children of our community with one voice. you will have the opportunity to learn more about the school your child attends, learn more about the teachers and administrators dealing with your child every day, learn more about the programs impacting the children on each campus and much more.

Working together, we can:

  • build an informed team of individuals to work on behalf of all children and youth.
  • make the public aware of the resource that the PTA can be to parents, educators, and members of the community who work, in large and small ways.
  • secure a nurturing, healthy environment for children, and build strength in our numbers so that policy makers in all areas, at all levels will hear a strong, unified voice on behalf of children.

 Be a part of the Tiny Tigers PTA and Let's Make Great Things Happen!

Membership is $5.00 annually. Please turn in membership forms at any PTA General Meeting, send it in your child's folder to his/her teacher, or place in the lock box located in front of the office along with your money.


Tiny Tigers PTA Volunteering

How can I volunteer?

We need your help! You can make a positive difference at the Floresville South Elementary Campus. The Campus Staff and PTA are planning many activities that would not be possible without volunteers! PTA will offer sign up sheets on campus and post on all of our online media outlets when there is an upcoming event with volunteer opportunities.

Thank you for your support and welcome to the Tiny Tigers PTA!

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