Tiny Tigers PTA


  Their education. Our business.  

WHO we are

    Tiny Tigers PTA of Floresville South Elementary is a commYOUnity of volunteers made up of parents, grandparents, teachers, administrators, businesses, and other individuals who want to help the students of FSE prosper and have a future of endless possibilities. We maintain the shared Mission, Purpose, and Values of the Texas and National PTA, an organization that has worked for over 100 years to empower families and communities to advocate for our children.
       We are just like YOU! We ALL have busy lives and crazy schedules, none of us have endless hours to devote to anything no matter how important it is or how  much we would like to help- I promise, we understand! BUT that is exactly why WE NEED YOU! By creating a commYOUnity around our students we are able to work together
to complete small tasks that add up to making a HUGE IMPACT in the lives of the students at FSE! Most of us can find a few minutes here or there, maybe an hour, or a day out of the week or month- but even if you don't have a moment to spare did you know that by simply becoming a member of Tiny Tigers PTA you are making an impact! That's right, just by joining you are showing your children that you believe their education is a priority. You are helping us fund programs and activities to enrich and support their future, and you are giving them a voice at local, state, and national levels of legislation. We believe that our children are our future and our future is now, BACK THE FUTURE!

WHAT we do

Tiny Tigers PTA went through an unsuccessful restructure in recent years past, but we are beginning to regroup! We currently have a dedicated group of members putting in our combined efforts to set a strong foundation that we can continue to build on. How much we will be able to accomplish moving forward is directly impacted by membership, support, and participation. It is our goal to create a network of support and work together to improve our children’s education, their school, their futures, and our commYOUnity!
Here are some things we did last year, activities we have planned this year, and ideas of what we hope to do in the future:
  • Family Game Nights 
  • Holiday Shop
  • Teacher/Staff Appreciation
  • End of Year Fun Day 
  • Movie Nights 
  • Student Awards
  • Family Theme Nights
  • Fundraising- for projects that enhance the school and offer learning opportunities
  • School Events- provide resources, activities, and volunteers as needed
  • Participate in community service opportunities
  • Participate in local advocacy opportunities
  • PTA Conference- Educate and train PTA board members to handle their positions
  • Family and Community Education about topics including:
          - health and wellness
          - communication
          - financial awareness
          - college prep
          - homework help
          - subject based resources (math, reading,etc.)
          - teaching your chilren about safety
          - how to advocate for our children's best interests
          - how to communicate with legislators about legislation that impacts education

BACK THE FUTURE information - check it out!!